Lighthouse Digital offers a full-range of innovative solutions to grow your business online. We can help you create and implement the perfect plan, tailored to your specific needs. Here are the services we offer…

Search Engine Marketing

Increasingly, people are turning to search engines to find the products and services they need. These numbers continue to grow, making search engines the most visible place to advertise today. Google alone fields BILLIONS of search engine queries EVERY DAY! Each new search is a new opportunity to grab customers. Lighthouse Digital can make sure your business has a strong presence on these search pages. With Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Pay-Per-Call Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), let us help your business beat your competition and leap to the top of the popular search engines.

Display Advertising

A well-targeted display ad on popular sites like Facebook, Yahoo and other top destinations, can make the global reach of the internet translate into big revenue for your business. Lighthouse Digital can analyze the best time and place to advertise your specific business to your desired market. We can target your audience precisely, finding those sites and blogs that would most appeal to your customer, leading them to click over to your website. We can create ads that get notice from concept to completion or use your existing ads. With a Pay For Performance model, it’s truly risk-free because you only pay when we generate a lead or sale.

Content Marketing

More of an indirect sales technique, Content Marketing isn’t about selling products or services. It’s about promoting brand loyalty and confidence and generating a feeling of goodwill through insightful articles, newsletters and blogs. Let Lighthouse Digital help you craft targeted e-mails and original web content that will keep your business name in the customer’s mind, so when they are ready to make a purchase, they visit your site and not your competitor’s. Content Marketing really complements a well-rounded online marketing approach.

Mobile Marketing

With the advent of internet-enabled smart phones, people are increasingly web browsing on their phones as well as their computers. Lighthouse Digital has solutions to help you capture new customers and source new leads in the growing mobile market. Let us create a mobile site and campaign for your business that’s optimized for better, faster display on small phone screens. We can target your audience and increase your local presence by ensuring your business pops up in local searches/maps and on location/check-in services like FourSquare and Yelp. We will increase your mobile footprint by placing your ads on the top mobile platforms and location services for the peak performance. We can also craft a text messaging program to deliver special offers straight to your customers’ phones.