Who we are

Lighthouse Digital is a leading Performance Marketing Agency with a core group of innovative Internet Marketers with over ten years of online experience. We bring a synthesis of technology, ingenuity and creativity to every online marketing plan we generate. The Internet is a very dynamic marketplace and Lighthouse Digital is on the forefront of these changes. We are always adapting to this constantly evolving technology, so we can deliver cutting-edge advertising solutions to better serve our clients’ needs.

Lighthouse Digital has a deep understanding of the marketing side of the internet - the who, what, where and when of how people use the web - a key component in how we can scientifically zero in on our clients’ target audience. We can identify what avenues best suit each individual client, from Search Engine to Display to E-Mail to Content to Mobile Marketing. We know this technology and how best to get results. With an experienced eye, we manage and evaluate each program to make sure we’re maximizing our clients’ exposure.

At Lighthouse Digital, we pride ourselves on our promise to produce solid leads and new customers. In fact, we’re so confident we can make good on this promise that our clients don’t pay a cent until we deliver. We develop and implement comprehensive marketing programs completely at our cost. Our clients pay when they see results.